Wide force components

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Zhejiang Guangli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Focus on Construction Machinery Parts
Products Originate from Quality and Achieve Future
We specialize in the supply of spare parts for construction machinery.
Eliminate counterfeit and inferior products Selling high-quality products Providing excellent service Guarantee timely delivery
Make every effort to meet customer needs Strive to achieve customer goals
About us The company adheres to the road of quality development, providing customers with products and services of value for money. We firmly believe that good quality, good brand, good service, good customers. As long as you have the need to go, Guangrui sincerely cooperates with you and jointly develops.
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Contact number:+0086-020-32233507 / 32233509 / 32238914
Contact mailbox[email protected]
Address: No. 103-05, Block A2, Hande Construction Machinery Market, 1063 Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
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